The core of Teen Tribe Table lies in our community dinners, hence the name. Held in an intimate setting, these dinners aim to foster authentic conversation and idea sharing between teens. Each dinner is curated to specific topics suggested by our teens to ensure that each dinner is engaging and valuable. Typically our dinners are of 15 teens or less to make sure everyone has a chance to speak.

My favorite part about tonight was being able to talk and discuss in a very professional way; things that teens don’t normally talk about. My favorite question was “What do you think are some of the hardest topics for teens to talk about?”
— Esmeralda Barrientos

Community Outings 

Teen Tribe Table offers a number of large group community outings, from camping trips to leadership summits as well as volunteer opportunities and skill-based camps. These events allow teens to grow and get to know each other. It builds the community of Teen Tribe Table and gives opportunities like no other organization.