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I founded Teen Tribe Table in Austin, TX in 2016, because I saw the need for a program that brought teens together for peer-to-peer mentorship. We create communities through food, we grow teens through experiences, and we solve problems through action and conversation. Teen Tribe Table brings incredible teens doing incredible things together, at one table, to create a powerhouse. By bringing these teens together they’re able to create more incredible things out of the relationships they make. The community is made up of driven, change-making teens from artists to entrepreneurs. Our community is as unique as the world itself, bringing teens of all viewpoints under one roof.
— Koby Wheeler, Founder




Teen Tribe Table had the opportunity to pitch at Pitch-a-Kid, a globally renowned pitching competition where entrepreneurs convey their companies to kids. The kids asked any questions and were eager to know when there would be a "Kid Tribe Table." 

WIT— Whatever It Takes

Our partnership with WIT allows us to do incredible things for our incredible teens. Check us out and learn more about Whatever It Takes on the WIT Website.